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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Lightening Your Brows

Lightening Your Brows

Before Brow Lightening

During Eyebrow Lightening
- Apply a protective base around the brow area
- Apply brow lightening cream with a small tint brush or mascara wand
- Let sit for 5 minutes or as until desired shade is reached (no longer than 15 min)
- Rinse with cool water and cleanse with facial cleanser

After Eyebrow Lightening
- Pat dry and continue with facial cleansing regemin

After Eyebrow Lightening
- Apply lighter colors in brows (eyebrow pencil, eye shadow, brow enhancers)
- Apply makeup as you would usually do

I used professional products to do my brows.  You can check your local Walmart or Target to see if they have eyebrow lightening kits.

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