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Friday, April 30, 2010

Relieve dry-cracked lips

I have a hard time with dry lips and as you know I found the Nivea lip moisturizer which I love. It does moisturize my lips but doesn't exfoliate them so here is an easy and recession proof way to exfoliate your lips at home. I found this on youtube.

Items Needed:
- Olive Oil
- White Sugar
- Measuring Spoon (tablespoon)
- Nail Dish (2)
- Facial spatula
- New clean toothbrush

- Apply a dime size amount of olive oil to your lips and let sit for 10 minutes
- Mix a small amount of olive oil in with the sugar in order to make a paste-like consistency
- While oil is still on your lips, apply sugar paste to lips with toothbrush and lightly scrub lips
- Wipe of lips with tissue
- Apply another dime size of olive oil to your lips and your done.

To see the complete video on this demo click here:

Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Happy Scalp is a Healthy Scalp

A Happy Scalp is a HEALTHY Scalp

Every now and then you have to stop and let your hair and scalp breathe. Let down your hair (or weave) and just sit back and relax. Healthy hair not only starts from the inside out, it also starts with great products. I've been a Paul Mitchell fan since I can remember. His products are consistant and edgy but they do what they say they're going to do (if used properly). I think everyone should have a bottle of "Shampoo Two" in their cabinet because it really cleanses the hair and gets rid of all the spray, oil, gloss, sheen, and shilaque we use on our hair to get that style as "fly" as we can. It has a fresh smell and a little goes a long way. I suggest using it atleast 2 times a month before your regular Paul Mitchell Shampoo then follow that with your Paul Mitchell Conditioner. You'll definetly see a difference in the bounce and swing of your hair. Remember to always follow the directions on all of your products to prevent misuse and damage to your hair.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Spring "Minx"

Yesterday I had the opportunity to finally get "minx'd".  I had heard a lot about the process but had never got to experience it myself.  I set up an appointment with my friend "Titilayo" who is ther owner of Visionary Nail Spa located in Camp Springs, MD.  I was a little nervous because I didn't know what to expect but I knew Titi was going to take care of me...and that she did!!  I hadn't had a manicure since I got out of cosmetology school and when I tell you that I didn't feel not one cuticle nip, scratch or scrape on my skin I was amazed.  I, like most people, am use to going to the asian nail salon where they bend your finger out of it socket, clip you til you bleed and shape your nails how they feel they should be shaped.  It was the complete opposite.  The first thing I noticed was the atmosphere of the area.  I loved the drapes and how comfy the room felt (almost like I was at home).  Then I noticed that she catered to my as a "client" with complimentary water, the bathroom was clean and neat and it just made me feel more comfortable.Once I was finished with the manicure she began the minx process.  To me it reminds me of doing easter eggs with my mom when I was a kid.  You remember how you would wrap the egg in the decorative plastic covering and then dip the egg in hot water to watch the plastic adhere to the egg?  Well the process is similar to that minus the eggs and hot water of course!!  It was fun to watch and see how it would turn out.  Well I love it!!!  With 20 years of nail care experience I wouldn't trust anyone else because good customer service is hard to find.

My Minx Custom Blend: China Glaze Polish (Re-Fresh Mint) & Minx's Star of dawn along with multicolor weave.

Visionary Nail SpaTitilayo Bankole
Facebook Fan Page: Visionary Nail Spa
- Spa Manicure
- Spa Pedicure
- Acrylic Overlay
- Sculptured Nails
- Gel Nails
- Paraffin Wax Treatment
- Polish Change...and More!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Don't Be Tardy for the Party!

Don't Be Tardy for the Party!!

Products Used:- MAC NC40 Foundation
- NYX Milk Jumbo Pencil
- Makeup Forever #75 Neon Pink Eye Shadnow (lid)
- NYX Frosted Ocean Eye Shadow (crease)
- Sephora Glitter Liner in Teal (top eyeliner)
- MAC Shadestick Turqoise (bottome eyeliner)
- Maybelline Black Mascara
- NYX Mosaic Blush in Love
- MAC True Babe Lipglass