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Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Happy Scalp is a Healthy Scalp

A Happy Scalp is a HEALTHY Scalp

Every now and then you have to stop and let your hair and scalp breathe. Let down your hair (or weave) and just sit back and relax. Healthy hair not only starts from the inside out, it also starts with great products. I've been a Paul Mitchell fan since I can remember. His products are consistant and edgy but they do what they say they're going to do (if used properly). I think everyone should have a bottle of "Shampoo Two" in their cabinet because it really cleanses the hair and gets rid of all the spray, oil, gloss, sheen, and shilaque we use on our hair to get that style as "fly" as we can. It has a fresh smell and a little goes a long way. I suggest using it atleast 2 times a month before your regular Paul Mitchell Shampoo then follow that with your Paul Mitchell Conditioner. You'll definetly see a difference in the bounce and swing of your hair. Remember to always follow the directions on all of your products to prevent misuse and damage to your hair.

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