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Friday, April 30, 2010

Relieve dry-cracked lips

I have a hard time with dry lips and as you know I found the Nivea lip moisturizer which I love. It does moisturize my lips but doesn't exfoliate them so here is an easy and recession proof way to exfoliate your lips at home. I found this on youtube.

Items Needed:
- Olive Oil
- White Sugar
- Measuring Spoon (tablespoon)
- Nail Dish (2)
- Facial spatula
- New clean toothbrush

- Apply a dime size amount of olive oil to your lips and let sit for 10 minutes
- Mix a small amount of olive oil in with the sugar in order to make a paste-like consistency
- While oil is still on your lips, apply sugar paste to lips with toothbrush and lightly scrub lips
- Wipe of lips with tissue
- Apply another dime size of olive oil to your lips and your done.

To see the complete video on this demo click here:

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