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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sally Hansen "Color Quick" Nail Pen

I've been eye-balling this nail polish for a while so I finally decided to make a purchase today. To my surprise, the nail pen is very easy to use and the polish comes out even and steady. It doesn't dispense too much at one time so I was actually able to do about 3 nails before reloading. What I didn't like about the pen is that when I went to click the put-on for more polish, I was scared that I may accidentally mess up a nail because of the way the button goes down on the pen. The polish looked as promised on the package so they get an "A" for that and I really didn't need to coats but I did anyway :-0)! I did apply a clear top coat polish because I like the shiny look of nails. The color didn't last a week.  It started chipping after about 4 days.  Overall I give Sally Hensen an "B" for this product!

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