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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My New BFF

A couple of months ago I started reading a makeup book by celebrity makeup artist "Scott Barnes".  I came to a chapter in his book where he suggested using a razor for eyebrows.  I had used a eyebrow razor before for convenience in between brow appointments but at this point in my life I am (or should I say "was") desperate for some brow attention.  What it all boils down to is that while living in Texas I had a FABULOUS eyebrow threader who faithfully groomed my brows every 4 weeks.  Well since moving to Maryland almost 2 years ago I still haven't come across someone that has just "wow'd" me.  Every time I go to the threading place the lady threads my brows thinner and thinner.  I've also had them waxed and that didn't go well at all either.  They were uneven so I found myself doing more work to my brows without makeup than I did with makeup!
SOOOOO after coming across this part in the book I decided to go back to old faithful and began grooming my brows again myself.  Although I like to go to the spa and be pampered, I find that doing my own brows puts me back in the pilots seat.  I groom them as often as I want and it only takes me 5-7 minutes to do both eyes.  

Here's what I do:
- Cleanse my face and neck
- Apply my scrub to my face and neck then rinse 
- Apply moisturizer to the brow area only
- Groom my brows
- Apply toner all over my face and neck w/cotton ball
- Apply moisturizer all over my face and neck
- Apply my makeup 

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  1. I am considering dying (lightening) my eyebrows as I have seen in the blogspot issue. How do you obtain the runway eyebrows with makeup? The brown looks fabulous and I have looked for over the counter brown but they are all too dark. Do you use pencil, power, or liquid? I am also in Maryland and had them done at Mac in Towson but can't duplicate it at home. Help :)