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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Lashes 101

Lashes 101
Most women want to wear lashes but have no idea of which one to choose.  Here are a few lashes that I love to work with on a regular basis. 

I use the #747 XS lashes for my brides or clients that want a little drama with their makeup but are not regular eyelash clients.  They're small and light-weight yet only extend past natural lashes about 1/4".

I use #747S lashes for clients that want a hint of drama to the eye and are more familiar with lashes.  This style (believe it or not) looks fabulous on brides because it's not an over powering lash.  It adds more length but not as noticeable.

I absolutely love this lash style.  It not only gives you drama but it gives length.  I use #600 lashes in a lot of my photo shoots and fashion shows.  I've worn them myself to events but I would not recommend this lash for a wedding.  It will over power the look of the eye.  

I use #47 lashes for the ultimate drama and drag!  If you're going to wear this lash you better be ready for the drama.  As you can see, the base is pretty thick which means the lash will be heavier.  If you are not use to lashes then you will not want to try this lash just because it will take you from 0-10 instantly.

I use #602 lashes for bottom lashes.  As you can see that the placement of the lash goes down and not up.  This means that they are for the bottom lash line.  This lash will add just a hint of drama to your bottom lashes and paired with top lashes they can create a "fierce" look.  I may use them on a bride depending on the situation (new years eve or holiday wedding or a themed wedding).

Stay tuned for Lashes 102

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