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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Giving Thanks

It's always important to say "thank you".  No matter who it is or what the situation may be, saying "thank you" could be the most valuable thing you can give to a person.  This thanksgiving holiday was special for me in a personal way.  I spent it with my husbands family here in Maryland.  Although it was low key, I am thankful for them and the love they've shown me since I've moved here.  I am especially thankful for my husband and his love and support.  We may go through our rough patches (like every married couple) but God always manages to guide us through the obstacle to put us back on our path. 

I thank God for his mercy, love, forgiveness and guidance.  I am not a perfect person and yet he always manages to smile on me in ways that I can't even imagine.  Although I missed being with my family in Houston this year, I am thankful that I had food to eat, a roof over my head, and people to share the holiday with.  

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