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Monday, November 8, 2010

You Never Know What You're Gonna Get

I had the pleasure of meeting this young lady through the social networking website, twitter about a year ago.  I was new to twitter and began following "@TywanaT" because she was in the DMV area and also an event planner.  As time went on, she began to compliment me on my work which sparked a couple of conversations here and there.  I would often extend an invitation for her to come in and get a complimentary makeup application but we never set a date.  Later on I found out that Tywana rarely wears makeup and when she does, it's very minimal.  
One day she contacted me about a hair appointment and I will tell you that the day we met (in person) was the day of a friendship to come.  We talked as if we'd known each other for 10 years.  Now that she is a regular client of mine I find myself having to schedule her appointments around time that we can talk for at least 2 hours or around my lunch time so we can go and talk.  The friendship between Tywana and I is both business as well as personal and I am thankful that she is in my life because she gives me great advise that helps me look at things through the eyes of a "consumer, client, and business owner".  I can tell you that Tywana knows her stuff!  She is an excellent event planner that will give you 110% of herself to make sure that your event is the best that it can be.

I had the opportunity to sit down with Tywana Tyler, owner of "Simply Beautiful" Event Planning and here's how that conversation went:

Divine Cre8ions: How long have you been an event/wedding planner?
Tywana:  I've been a wedding/event planner for the past 8 years
Divine Cre8ions: What made you decide to be a event/wedding planner?
Tywana: Event planning has always been my gift as well as my hearts desire.I started out with meeting/event planning. Over time I came to see that there was so much more fulfilment in wedding planning. There's so much to know and to learn. And, my skills, gifts, and, creativity can't be cramped up in a box! The sky is the limit  with what one can do in the wedding industry. Thus, now this being my area of concentration in the event planning industry.
Divine Cre8ions: What is your favorite part of your career?
Tywana: The favorite part of my career?? Where shall I start?  :-) Being able to create and design the vision our clients have for their special events. Secondly,  knowing that each event that I put my mind and my hands to is created "Simply Beautiful" and the outcome is a happy client.
Divine Cre8ions: What is the least favorite part of your career?
Tywana: My least favorite part of my career is having to cut uncommitted vendors from my network circle. In this industry, one has to be committed to service and excellence. If not, you won't last around me.
Divine Cre8ions: Where do you see your business in the next few years to come?
Tywana: In the next few years, Events Simply Beautiful will be a full time, full service event management and design company. I'm happy to say we're almost there! ESB will also be  offering classes and trainings in efforts to build  better planner/ vendor relationships in the event planning industry.
Divine Cre8ions: How can consumers reach you to use your services?
"Wherever all things are Simply Beautiful"

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