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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Fine: The Basics of Beauty

I must say that I was excited to learn about this DVD when it came out but for some reason I didn't rush out and order it.  I'm a huge fan of Sam Fine and have his book but I hesitated on this DVD.  After my recent purchase I posted this picture on my Facebook Fanpage where I got mixed reviews.  I was then hesitant to open it up because I thought I was going to have to send it back to Amazon and get my money back lol.  Like I said before, I'm a huge Sam Fine fan so why would I expect anything less that great from him.  He's never let me down so why would he start now?  I finally watched the video today and I must say that it's awesome!  Sam Fine for one is a cutie-patootie and speaks very well in order for the consumer to understand what he is talking about and why.  Secondly, this video is just as it says "the basics of beauty" therefore, it's geared to beginning makeup artists and consumers wanting to enhance their beauty the right way.  Now I consider myself a "seasoned" artist so I know most of the things talked about in the DVD but there were several things that I didn't know such as blotting moisturizer and foundation with tissue to cut down on creasing and shine before apply powder.  As a makeup artist there are things that I may know that other MUA's don't and vice versa that is why there is ALWAYS room for education.  There are things that I know but sometimes forget or overlook overtime and this demo helped to refresh my memory.  In the end I am happy that I went with my "Sam gut" and purchased the DVD.  I'll watch it over and over again until he comes out with another one :).