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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Divine!


Today is "Divine Cre8ions" 11th birthday. I remember when I first started this company I was sitting in my moms home office trying to think of names. I actually did a survey to let friends/family and clients get involved with the process. At that time my friend Laurry and I brainstormed and came up with "Divine Creations". The "8" didn't replace the "a" until sometime later when I went to get a website and the name was taken my a guy who owned "Divine Creations" in philadelphia. Once I added the "8" I felt like my own identity had been created and here we are 11 years later still going strong and have conquered 2 states!!! 

Thanks to all of my supporters, fans, friends and family. You all help make "Divine" a success! 

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