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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Dior vs Maybelline...The battle of the Blue Mascara's

The Battle of the Blue Mascara's 

Last year I was watching a YouTube video where a girl used a blue mascara.  I had been searching high and low for a blue mascara that was actually visible on natural/false lashes without having to use the whole tube.  I have purchased a blue mascara from MAC cosmetics but it was a "seasonal" product and was a light blue.    Once I'd seen her video, I rushed over to Lord & Taylor to purchase Dior's "DiorShow" mascara in "Azure Blue".  I tested it out while I was there to make sure it was everything I had been looking for...and it was!  When I went to pay for it, my mouth dropped.  NEVER IN ALL OF MY LIFE had I spent $25 on mascara.  Even though I hesitated to give the salesperson my debit card, the makeup artist in me had to have this mascara. 

About a month or 2 went by before I popped the tube open and used it for the first time.  I was in love.  I wore it often and got compliments on it.  "DiorShow" had become my favorite mascara until......

One day (on my usual weekly run to target) I was browsing the makeup section to see what was on sale and to see what new products had come out.  I knew that I needed some black mascara for my kit when I ran across Maybelline's "Great Lash" washable mascara in "Royal Blue".  I loved my Dior mascara so there was no need to replace it but the price was something that I just didn't like.  Don't get me wrong, I'd purchase another one in a heart beat if there was no other choice.  Once I found Maybelline's mascara, I had to purchase it and weigh my options and here's where the battle ends: 

"DiorShow" in Azure Blue

What I liked:
The blue pigment was very vibrant 
The packaging is pretty snazzy 

What I didn't like:
The $25 price
The wand/brush was too big for my lashes (especially the bottom)
Dries quick so I am almost unable to get 2 coats of product on

"Great Lash" in Royal Blue

What I liked:
The blue pigment was vibrant
The price is reasonable ($6)
The wand/brush is small enough for my lashes (top and bottom)
This mascara is easier to find and purchase (Target, Walmart & Maybelline's website)
I'm able to get 2 coats of mascara on 

What I didn't like:
The packaging looks like the others so it can easily be mistaken for black or brown
The blue is not as vibrant as "DiorShow"

In the end Maybelline wins the battle!

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