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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fabulously Fit w/Positive Vibes Fitness

{January 2011}

This was the year that I put all of my energy in to "education".  I wanted to take classes and teach classes.  What I didn't expect to take a class in was "fitness".  I use to HATE working out so what started out as sort of a joke, became a way of life.  In June I began the "21 day challenge" with fitness guru David Cox of Positive Vibes Fitness {Glen Burnie, MD}.  I wanted to see how much weight I could lose before my trip to Los Angeles for the annual IMATS show.  What turned out to be 21 days continued on to the present day.  

For 21 days I changed my eating habits, exercised, did personal training sessions with him (2 days/week) and in the end I lost weight and my bad eating habits.  Working out with David completely changed the way I thought about food, the juices/sodas I use to drink and even the types of snacks.  Once that challenge was over I started his 30 days for $39 challenge and went even further.  I incorporated a "Latin Caliente" dance class and 1-2 more days of exercise at the gym. 
{September 2011}

Now I go to the gym or get some type of exercise in at least 3-4 times a week because I "like" the gym.  My clothes are fitting better and I'm feeling better.  I try not to eat late at night.  I drink water throughout my day and make sure that I'm eating as healthy as I can without depriving myself of "goodies" every now and then.  If I go out to eat (most of the time) I get a "to go" box so that I'm not eating everything in one sitting.  I want to personally and publicly thank David for changing my life and helping feel better about myself and leading me on a path to healthy eating.  He's not only my personal trainer but also a great person and as hard at his business as I do.  I love you DAVID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!