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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

"Cupcake Soiree" Look

A lot of people have asked if I did a YouTube video tutorial for this look and the answer is "no". Truth is, I didn't know what look I was going to do that day so I didn't want to do a video. This look is very similar to the "white, pink & purple" look that I did that is very similar to this look. Since I didn't do a video tutorial I've decided to list the products that I used.

Brows: NYX brown eye pencil
Foundation: Black Opal (nutmeg)
Concealer: MAC select cover up (nw40)
Finishing powder: Loreal True Match powder (c7)
Eye shadow base: NYX jumbo eye pencil (milk)
Lid colors: Inglot AMC 35 & AMC 05
Crease color: Inglot Matte 338
Cut crease: AMC 65
Milani liquid liner (black) - eyelid
Mary Kay Ultimate mascara (black)
Eyeliner (bottom) - Danessa Myrick pink gel liner topped with Inglot D.S. 495 eye shadow
Bottom smudge - Inglot Matte 326
Blush - Inglot AMC 51 & Blush 35
Lip liner - MAC (cork)
Lipgloss - Armour Beauty (Edie)

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