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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Protect Your Lips with ARMOUR

From left to right
Lucy ~ Gypsy ~ Gazarri's ~ Foxy ~ Candy
Price: $21

Armour Beauty Lip gloss was created by Theo Kogan  {singer/model/actor} who wanted to create a lip gloss that would stay on during her performances.  I believe she and her team have nailed it!  This lip gloss has staying power unlike any other lip gloss that I've used before.  It's like wearing liquid lipstick.  I say that because they are true to color, have a high shine, don't separate on the lips and they really do last.  I love the fact that the Armour Beauty takes time to make colors that are as eclectic as my personality can be and they smell good too.  You can pair them with your favorite lipstick or wear them alone.  Now the price of these babies is expensive but I will tell you that a little will go a looooong way so it will be worth the price.  No wonder they're my favorite gloss.  
Use discount code DIVINEARMOUR to receive 20% off of your order.

*I am not a paid advertiser for Armour Beauty*

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